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4/29 - COVID-19 Highlights for the Business Community

The following is our latest on coronavirus response and news:

  • LAST CHANCE! SURVEY: We want to hear how your company is doing, and in turn, gain guidance on what is happening in the Abilene economy during this ever-changing time. By asking the same questions week-by-week, we will be looking for trends and inflection points. CLICK HERE to take this week's survey.

  • TAYLOR COUNTY EXTENDS DISASTER DECLARATION: Taylor County Commissioners have extended their own disaster declaration at their regular meeting, but plan to meet Friday to discuss plans moving forward. Read more here.

  • UPDATE FROM THE CITY: Mayor Williams took to his Facebook page yesterday and provided additional information pending the reopening of local businesses. You can view the video here.

  1. How should employers protect their employees?

  2. Do employers have to record cases of COVID-19 on their injury logs?

  3. How will OSHA conduct enforcement related to Coronavirus? 

Webinars for business

  • 4/29 WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY: PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS FROM CYBER THREATS: Join us this Wednesday, April 29th at 10:30 am EST for our third virtual Workshop Wednesday: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats, an audience-driven discussion designed specifically for the small business community. Register here.

  • 5/1 MANAGING STRESS IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Stress management is what we often call it, but is that what we are really doing? Is “managing” even the right word? In this short webinar we will explore how “stress management” or any kind of “management” related to our health and wellbeing can work in this environment. Register here.

  • 5/5 COMMUNICATING AND BUILDING A BRAND THROUGH A CRISIS: Whether you are an individual, executive, company, small business or firm – knowing how to communicate and build brand through this crisis is essential to thriving after this is over. Mila Grigg, CEO, MODA Image and Brand Consulting, is joining us for a live webinar. Her experience around personal brand branding, company brand building, marketing, communicating, sharing on social media and building executive and company brands will give you a plan to communicate through and beyond this crisis and how to share value on social media. There are things you can do RIGHT now that will allow you to share your story, grow your message and thrive. Register here.

  • 5/7 MANAGING YOUR FINANCES AND BUDGET THROUGH A CRISIS: Join the Chamber and Eide Bailly, LLP for an in-depth look at managing your finances and budget through a crisis. Topics will include an overview of IRS relief programs (maximizing loan forgiveness and the next round of payroll protection, employee retention credit), managing cash flows, tax saving opportunities and what information your bank or lender will want and be looking for. Register here.


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