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4/9 - COVID-19 Highlights for the Business Community

Business Updates for COVID-19

The following is our latest on coronavirus response and news:

  • CITY OF ABILENE HOSTS PRESS CONFERENCE: Yesterday, city government and healthcare leaders gathered to give an update on COVID-19 in Abilene, Texas. Hospital officials stated projections for the coronavirus are all over the map, but community leadership feels confident that Abilene is well prepared for if a surge were to happen. City Manager Robert Hanna stated that the City will be issuing further information on what businesses need to close. Tennis courts, basketball courts, and playground equipment have been closed effective immediately. For more information on the press conference, view that here.

  • CASE NUMBERS: Abilene now has 43 confirmed cases. The City also released a new care guide and information regarding the limited shelter in place. View more here.

  • ASSISTHER EMERGENCY RELIEF GRANT: Texas Woman's University has relief grants available for woman-owned businesses (at least 51 percent directly owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens. Click here for other qualifications to see if you qualify.

  • TEXAS SENATE STAFFERS TO HELP ANSWER TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSIONS CALLS: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announced that members of the senate are volunteering staffers to work at TWC's unemployment call center. The call center has been receiving an unprecedented number of calls from those who are unemployed as a result of COVID-19. More than 200 senate staffers have volunteered and will begin training April 9. The full press release from the Lt. Governor's office can be found here.

  • GOVERNOR ABBOTT WAIVES CERTAIN PHARMACY REGULATIONS TO INCREASE WORKFORCE CAPABILITIES: The Governor has temporarily waived certain regulatory requirements to increase the capabilities of pharmacy technicians and interns. Waivers can be utilized at the discretion of pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians can now: Accept prescription orders over the phone & Transfer or receive a transfer of original prescription information on behalf of patients. Pharmacy interns can now: Assist pharmacists without the designation of a preceptor. The Texas State Board of Pharmacy is hosting the information of rule waivers and emergency procedure regulations. The April 7 waivers, among others, can be found here.

  • CORONAVIRUS LEGAL RESOURCE CENTER: The Coronavirus pandemic has raised several legal questions and concerns. Getting sound legal advice and support at a time like this can go a long way in reducing your stress and protecting your rights. LegalShield lawyers have been working around the clock to provide 4.4 million people and businesses the guidance they need. We are committed to remaining open and available throughout the pandemic to provide legal support. Read More.

Previously shared updates

  • PAYCHECK PROTECTION PROGRAM LOCAL LENDERS: We're blessed in that Abilene's financial landscape is populated by strong, local institutions that qualify as SBA lenders. They are institutions we know and trust and are members of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. View the list here.

  • BUSINESSES ARE STEPPING UP: Big Country area businesses are offering help to the community in many ways as we weather the COVID-19 situation together. Share how your business is helping.

  • COMFORT FOOD CARE PACKAGES: FEED YOUTH AND FAMILIES IN NEED AND STAY OPEN: Governor Greg Abbott today announced the Comfort Food Care Package (CFCP) program to provide meals for at-risk youth and families in communities across Texas as the state responds to COVID-19. As part of the program, participating restaurants offer CFCPs for patrons to purchase on behalf of families and youth in need. Read more and sign up here.

  • COVID-19 COMPLIANT BUSINESS PARTNER: To further encourage the business community to comply with new "Limited Shelter in Place" order, the Chamber is launching “COVID-19 Work Safe ABI” program.Businesses who adopt these principles are encouraged to publicly declare their pledge to do so. Take the pledge

  • ABILENE CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU: Stay engaged with your favorite attractions through virtual events. Find things to do, local dining and more here


  • OVERNIGHT VIRTUAL BUSINESS: How to Successfully Operate Your Business with Technology During COVID-19 presented by Tolar Systems. Missed the seminar? Click here to watch a recording.


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