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A Recap from Governor Abbott's Press Conference

The following is our latest on coronavirus response and news:

Notes from Gov. Greg Abbott’s press conference on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 from the Chamber's Director of Government Affairs:

  • In Texas, 427.000 people have been tested, 33,369 positive tests, 15,672 people now with active Covid cases, 1,888 hospitalized now, 906 fatalities and 16,791 have recovered.

  • 4th day in a row more recoveries than new positive tests

  • Positive test rate is declining.

  • Percentage of people tested who test positive 7.2% two weeks ago. 4.65% yesterday. 

  • Even with more tests, more positive tests, hospitalization has remained steady or steadily declining. No evidence Texas will face the challenges New York and some other states have faced.


  • Funerals, memorials, burials and weddings all treated the same as church services with limited seating arrangements. Wedding receptions are under rules restaurants are using.

  • Parklike settings rivers, river rafting, lakes, etc. same standard as parks.

  • Restaurants 25% occupancy does not apply to outdoor seating, however outdoors uses the same distancing requirements.

  • Effective Friday, May 8, cosmetology, barbers, nail, tanning salons, etc. can open. 1 customer per stylist. Limited operating stations with 6-foot distancing standard. Both customers and stylists are suggested to wear face masks. No one is being required to open up.

  • Gyms and exercise facilities allowed to open May 18th with 25% capacity for the gym component. Showers and locker rooms must remain closed during this first phase. All equipment must be disinfected after each use. Customers must wear full gloves, keep 6-foot social distancing.

  • We are still working on safe ways to have safe distancing in bars. No decisions made yet.

  • Nonessential manufacturers may open on May 18th. 25% occupancy. Staggered work times can be used. 6 feet distancing or plexiglass between workstations.

  • Offices can open May 18th with some limitations.


  • They are being sent when there is a flare-up of Covid cases

  • Formed by various state departments

  • So far 47 surge teams have gone out

  • 1220 nursing homes in Texas. 20% have had a positive test result come back. 20 surge teams have gone to nursing facilities. 319 covid fatalities in Texas from nursing homes (a little more than 1/3 of total Texas Covid fatalities.

  • 5-6 people per team


  • Guidance on graduation ceremonies to occur with certain constraints. These have been approved:

  • Virtual ceremony

  • Hybrid ceremony with kids come in one at a time. Seamless video ceremony.

  • Vehicle ceremony

  • Outdoor ceremony

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