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Notes from Gov. Greg Abbott’s press conference on April 21, 2020

Dealing with the coronavirus crisis:

  • More than 205,000 Texans have been tested

  • 19,945 tested positive

  • The positive test rate compared to total tested is still just under 10% (continuing, no meaningful outbreak)

  • Hospitalizations are 1,491. This number in the last two weeks has remained relatively the same.

  • Deaths are on the decline for last few days. 511 total deaths so far.

  • 6,486 Texans have recovered.

  • Highest positive test date was April 9, the only day with more than 1,000 new positive tests. Now 12 days in a row fewer than 1,000.

  • More than 21,000 hospital beds are available in state. 2,377 ICU beds available.

  • Ramp up PPE being distributed. In the last week, 4.8 million masks, 350,000 face shields, 2 million gloves and 16,000 gowns.

  • 1,579,000 Unemployment claims filled. More than $1.4 billion paid out.

  • At this point there is no shortage of workers. Healthcare professionals who would like to register to volunteer if and when needed should go to the Texas Volunteer Registry at

The National Guard has deployed to assist in testing. 1,200 troops are mobilizing. They are being divided into 25 teams to cover various regions to expand testing across the whole state. All deployed later this week. They will be able to test 3,500 people per day.

The number of drive-through testing sites are ramping up. More than 60 now operating.

Businesses are making suggestions about steps to opening. The governor said physicians in the state government and others are reviewing those, suggesting changes or approving them.

There are close to half a million jobs that are available right now. is one stop place to look for jobs. Also you can contact local Workforce Solutions at no cost or by visiting

The Governor was asked if his new executive order, which will be announced April 27, would supersede local orders. He responded that the current stay at home is effective until April 30. He said portions or all of new exec order will have statewide implications, and that is in the process of being determined.

Oil crisis: Gov. Abbott said he knows President Trump cares very much about the oil and gas sector and Texas jobs. Maintaining the nation’s petroleum independence remains very important. One priority is to maintain the robust oil and gas infrastructure. He said he has no doubt that we will be able to rebound, however in the meantime we need to do all we can to protect, aid and support all men and women in oil and gas sector.

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